The following policy has been drawn up in accordance with the Children’s Act 1989, The protection of Children Act 1999, The Children Act 2004 and the Children and Social Working Together Act 2018.

1. Policy Statement

1.1 The Debbie Jay Dance Academy is committed to creating an environment that enables children and young people to learn and develop in a safe, understanding and encouraging environment.

1.2 The staff recognise that it is a privilege to work with children and young people and that it is also a great responsibility. It is understood that Parents/Carers trust our staff to look after their children during the hours of their tuition.

1.3 “Children and Young People” refers to persons under the age of 18. However, information and advice in this policy also applies in spirit to those young adults over the age of 18 who are deemed to be vulnerable because of mental or physical disability.

1.4 The Debbie Jay Dance Academy will take appropriate steps to ensure that children and young people under the age of 18 are not exposed to reasonably foreseeable risk of injury, whether to their physical or mental health and well being. The Debbie Jay Dance Academy is committed to the protection from harm and the safeguarding of all children and young people who attend its activities.

2. The Debbie Jay Dance Academy endeavours to safeguard children and young people by, recognising its “Duty of Care”, by adopting child protection guidelines through:

2.1 Ensuring staff and assistants respond appropriately should physical or mental abuse be discovered or disclosed. Any serious incident of abuse will be recorded on an incident report form and will share information, where necessary with Parents/Carers.

2.2 Ensuring that procedures for recruitment and selection of staff are rigorous.

2.3 Assurance of an equal opportunities commitment to training

2.4 Establishing that all staff have Enhanced DBS clearance.

3. Child Protection Code of Conduct for Staff and Assistants

3.1 Children and Young People will be treated equally and with respect and dignity

3.2 Staff and Assistants will at all times provide an example of good conduct and be excellent role models.

3.3 The Academy policy is:

 To give enthusiastic and constructive feedback
 To not show favouritism to any individual
 To recognise the developmental needs and capacity of children and young people
 To challenge unacceptable behaviour
 To record any injury that occurs in the official accident book, along with any details of treatment given

4. Physical Contact

4.1 Physical contact in the pursuit of training in regard to the correction of physical faults may sometimes be necessary. Such physical contact will be kept to a minimum and will always be appropriate to the situation. Such contact will never be against a child’s/young persons will.

4.2 Effective management of staff and assistants will be given through supervision, support and training by the principal

4.3 Appointed Safeguarding Officer is Mrs Deborah Jayne Harding.