Q. Do Classes run in the Summer?

A. No, DJDA’s terms run in conjunction with the school term

Q.Is DJDA a well established school?

A. Yes, DJDA opened in 2000, so established 20 years

Q. Is it just for girls?

A. Definitely not! Boys are also welcome

Q. Do you do shows?

A. Yes we shows every other year usually at Greenbank High School in Hillside.Shows are a great way to build confidence and the excitement and adrenaline rush that comes from being on stage is one that, once experienced, is never forgotten.

Q. Do you do exams?

A. Yes we offer exams following the Professional Teachers of Dancing Syllabus.

Q. Does my child have to take exams?

A. No exams are optional not compulsory. Although we do recommend them, exams are not there to frighten but to reward effort and achievement, however the classes are just as enjoyable without the final exam.

Q. How will my child develop?

A. Each child will progress at a different speed, some will make better advances in one style more than another, it all depends on the individual.

Q. How much are classes?

A. 30 minute classes are £3.50, 45 minute classes are £4.00. Some classes are payable weekly, some monthly and some termly (10 weeks).

Q. Do you have a uniform?

A. Yes, you may however wear comfortable clothes you can easily move in to begin with but you must purchase the correct uniform once you have completed your first term (10 weeks)